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  • KMCHS Block-7/8
  • P.E.C.H.S BLOCK 8
  • P.E.C.H.S BLOCK- 7
  • P.E.C.H.S Society
  • Saddar
ETNS HEAD OFFICE 13, Modern Cooperative Housing Society Block 7/8, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi ​
Location: Karachi
Phone: , Tel: (+92-21) 3236-1313-4
FEES PKR. 3000 to 15000

School Description

Since 1949, the Education Trust Nasra Schools have been delivering high quality, English-medium, holistic coeducation, consisting of a PK-12 curriculum, catering to ethnically and religiously diverse students of middle to lower income households in Karachi.  Over the past 70 years,  Nasra School’s 5 large, custom-built campuses, strategically placed in the city’s most densely populated areas, have produced over half a million highly capable and knowledgeable graduates, many of whom have ascended to attain monumental success in various parts of the world, across a wide range of disciplines including: medicine, law, engineering, computer science, journalism, finance and accounting, business, sports, and entertainment.  (Please see our alumni page for a handful of our most notable Nasrarians!) 


Equipping our students with the necessary tools to forge ahead in careers of their choosing is not all we do at Nasra. Deeply invested in the overall growth and development of our pupils, we spend time getting to know them all as the uniquely gifted individuals that they are, honing their talents and maximizing their potentials academically, physically, as well as socially and spiritually.  Therefore, a Nasra style education is an all-encompassing holistic experience, supported by the genuine devotion and concern of our qualified teaching faculty; relatively small student-teacher ratio which ensures individualized attention and monitoring; a rigorous academic curriculum supplemented by a vast array of extracurricular activities, competitions, and empowering experiential programs; and most importantly, carrying our school’s mission, vision and core values close to our hearts at all times, giving each of us purpose, clarity and direction as we journey through the course of our time at Nasra. 

For these reasons amongst many more, our students feel that Nasra School is a family- a home away from home.

Holistic Approach:


School Key Features

  • Boys School Computer Education Girls School Indoor Games Play Ground School Liberary

Schooling System


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SADDAR TOWN 55,Depot Line , Soldier Bazar town,Karachi +92212224818