Psyched Brain

The Science & Art for Living Intelligently

Psyched Brain is a supportive platform that helps people find Mental Peace and Well-Being whether they are an individual or a corporate entity. We offer the most creative ways of practicing Self-Care and enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Counselling/Therapy Sessions, Wellness Learning Interventions, Self-Help Journals and Psychology Based HR Consultancy available virtually throughout the world.

The platform deeply values people’s trust and is constantly creating more ways to positively transform the lives of humans. It hopes to cater to people from all ends of human spectrum through the most accessible and comfortable ways, so no one stays behind on the critical global mission of achieving human welfare.

Psyched Brain has the most experienced HR experts, organizational & clinical psychologists, career counsellors, and other experts who are best at unravelling and facilitating complex human emotions and helping businesses grow efficiently.

Psyched Brain was founded by Lubaba Afzal, an organizational psychologist, writer, & HR expert and co-founded by Yasir Zaheer, a seasoned HR professional, to guide and motivate people to fulfil their short and long-term goals of improving productivity, bringing positivity in life, and developing complete well-being.

Services Offered:

  • Online & In-Person Counselling / Therapy
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Wellness & HR training interventions
  • Self-Help Journals
  • Psychology based full-fledged HR Consultancy

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