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Taleemi-hub, established in 2019, a family own small enterprise with a core business of Educational Institutions searching services through Web- Portal. It’s a partnership firm registered office located in North Nazimabad, Karachi.

A highly dedicated, committed and professional team is playing their role in Marketing, Sales Operation, Graphics, Digital Media Advertising, and Web Development.


The world is now becoming too dynamic. A concept of global village tells, people who live in this world may reach authentic information just on the click that support to make a right decision.

Children education, training and development, is a very critical role of parents and education institutions. Parents want to build their child with positive character, confidence, and skills. On the other hand, Educational Institutes aim to provide best quality education and training to the students. Very simple, both the stake holders striving to achieve the same goal, to build prosperous society and the nation as well.


We, at Taleemi-Hub, provide a single online educational institutions searching platform in order to establish an interaction between education institutions and parents. Taleemi-Hub, facilitates parents to make a right decision at the time admission for their children.


  • Taleemi-Hub, highly appreciates and recognizes, the efforts of parents and educational institutions both for taking a part of building the prosperous society,
  • Taleemi Hub, data base ensures crisp trustworthy information about educational institutes that will surely help to the parents for making the right decision at the time of admission.
  • Time is the ultimate resource, once gone never be comeback. Taleemi Hub, saves a lot of precious time for searching the right educational institute according to the budget and education standards parameters that parents keep in mind.
  • Schools are upgrading its features and curriculum over the period of time and Parents are unaware about new changes. Taleemi-Hub, keeps parents update all the time.
  • Position Holders reflect the quality education provided by the schools. Taleemi-hub, supports the announcement of top positions in exams and new admission campaign in targeted areas.


Taleemi-Hub, established as online educational institution searching web-portal, where parents, students & educational institutions may achieve their all quality education desires with extreme satisfaction.


Our mission is to provide higher level of Trustworthy information about educational institutions for the development of better prosperous society and nation as well
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