Al-Farooq Islamic School

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Al-Farooq Islamic School

  • 536/6a near edhi center, Gurumandir, Karachi Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan-
    Location: Karachi
    (021) 34911208
    FEES 3000 to 5000


    Established in 1996, Al-Farooq Islamic School we prepare the children for a better future and dignified life in terms of Islamic and Academic code.
    The present day world is much more complicated and competitive and hence a greater need for excellent education. Established in 1996, Al-Farooq Islamic School we prepares the children for a better future and dignified life in terms of this educational code. We believe that 75% of the personality formation of an individual is completed during the school life only especially the early years of learning are considered most important in a child’s life. The teaching methodology for these years, therefore, helps them acquire basic skills & knowledge enabling them to be successful in achieving their goals in their educational & practical pursuits. We follow our tradition of imparting quality education on both the academic and Islamic fronts, strictly in line with the requirements of the present day world and the complex challenges ahead. We develop knowledge, skills, mental and physical faculties of our students in a systematic way. Our belief is that each child has certain hidden talents and skills in one field or the other. What is needed to be done is to groom these talents and skills so that the students are transformed into good citizens and motivated to realize their responsibilities to contribute their share in the process of national development. The students are encouraged to learn, observe and infer. These crucial aspects of education form the axis and focal point of all our endeavors

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