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Eden Montessori Pakistan

AM-1 Rim Jhim Villas Scheme-33, Karachi-Pakistan
Location: Karachi
0335 2017322
FEES 3000 to 5000


AboutEden Montessori

Eden Montessori is the school you wish you would have attended. We offer excellence in Montessori Education under the supervision of AMI trained directresses, with a one-on-one interaction and children work with hands on materials in a mixed age classes. This is the hallmark of our Montessori school.

At Eden Montessori, learning will be a happy, joyous experience. We believe

  • Each child grows physically and mentally at his/her own pace.
  • Success builds confidence.
  • Needs and interests vary from child to child.
  • Children should be treated with respect.
  • Education is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in which the child acts on his/her environment.
  • Most children have more potential than they are encouraged to develop.
  • Children learn best in an environment of love, security, understanding, and consistency.
  • The most important years are not the years of university studies but the first ones – the formative years – when the child’s mental life is being developed.
  • Vision

    “To inspire our children to create a better world with their own two hands.” .


    Our mission is to provide a complete Montessori Program which considers the emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of the total child by addressing the uniqueness of each one in a nurturing, emotionally secure and academically excellent environment.

    We Believe,

    • Children learn best in an environment of love, security, understanding and consistency.
    • Education is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in which the child is a participant in his/her environment.
    • Children should be treated with respect.
    • Children need to be listened in an atmosphere in which they feel safe in expressing differing point of views.
    • A spirit of cooperation rather than competition is the best atmosphere for learning.
    • Children need to learn how to think for themselves and how to solve problems in original and creative ways.
    • Children should be taught to respect the rights of others and to appreciate the contributions of all life.
    • Teachers should not encourage and inspire children to do, not only the minimum, but also their best.

    Montessori schools have a basic core curriculum which can be organized around the following areas

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