• Federal B Area
  • C-85 BLOCK 10 FB AREA Karachi, Pakistan
    Location: Karachi
    (021) 36369977
    FEES 3000 to 15000


    Page is about the "Federal Secondary School". It is totally an official page just create for the students guidance.
    Just nine years after the independence of Pakistan in the year 1956, a young couple Mr. Mirza Muhammed Kazim and Naseem Ara Kazim established an English medium school. They named it Federal English School. This was a humble beginning in a three room rented premises at Gulbahar near Lasballa. This place is popularly known as Golimar no 1. Today this area is a thriving commercial hub of construction material, hard ware and ceramic tiles. In those days, Nazimabad was in its initial phase of development. It was the outer most limit of Karachi. This English medium school achieved phenomenal growth within a short span of two years; as a result, it moved to new premises also in Gulbahar. This was a land mark building of the area in those days, known as post office building, the reason was that it housed a post and telegraph office in a small front portion. Due to the vision of Mr Kazim and the hard work of the couple, Federal Secondary School kept on growing for another five years or so. The school was finally moved to a purpose built building in Firdous Colony on the main road commonly known as Chowrangi Market. The school kept a good standard of education all the way through, one of its student Mr Alvi secured first position in the board of secondary schools. In those days all positions went to the government schools, position by a student of a private school was nothing less than a miracle. This was early seventies 1970 -72, those were the twilight years of private education in Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Buhtto nationalized all private schools except those schools meant for educating the children of elites of the society. The concept of nationalization followed the philosophy. “It is the responsibility of the state to provide free and quality education to all Pakistani children”. Although a great protagonist of this philosophy, he was also a visionary. He knew this scheme will fail, he therefore helped Mrs. Naseem Ara Kazim to establish a pre-primary school in C47 BLOCK 10 FB AREA, just opposite the present Ayesha Manzil branch and went on to join the profession of law as an Advocate Post nationalization the education system ended in a chaos. Government never had the recourses to fund the existing setup, what to talk about opening new institution throughout the country. The private pre-primary schools were encouraged to open primary classes. Eventually the regime of General Zia ul Haq, allowed the private sector to take the burden of education. This allowed the private sector to fill in the vacuum left over by the nationalization, but as a result this also created a class system in education, with Cambridge affiliated schools leading this group. General Zia ul Haq wantedUrdu as the mediumof education, he also formed a committee to plan its implementation. The committee in its recommendation exempted all Cambridge affiliated schools. Mr Kazim tried to convince the parents, to allow the school toshift their wardsto O level, with no change in the fee structure. His argumentwas that higher education is in English. Some five batches passed their (0) level examinations with good results when the school shifted back to matric system. This shifting was done primarily because parents were not comfortable with higher examination fees, together with the fact that the succeeding government allowed English to be the medium of instruction. The structure of education and the curriculum of primary and lower secondary remained unchanged. The result of matric examination of the board of secondary schools is remarkable with over 80percent A1, 17.5percentA and only1.5 percent B grades. This is last eleven years statistic. Mr Kazim and Naseem Ara Kazim are now retired, their elder son Dr. Mirza Muhammed Asad Kazim(Dermatologist) has taken over as administrator Federal Primary & Secondary School (Ayesha manzil) and his elder brother Prof. Mirza Mohd. Shakir has taken over as administrator Federal secondary school( Centrum) with the resolve to fulfil the dreams of their parents, that is. EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION FOR ALL
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    SIR RAFFIULLAH KHAN (Principal Federal Primary & Secondary School)

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