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  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal - Block 13/A
  • FL-16/1 Block 13-A Gulshan e Ibal
    Location: Karachi
    +92-21-3498 7961
    FEES 3000 to 5000


    The primary mission of World Group is to open doors for the best International education to the children and youth by linking itself to the best European and American schools & benefiting our students with the latest developments in the field of education in the most economic value possible. To produce a creep of community leaders, being good human beings and responsive to their social & national obligations.
    Every Child 2 1/2 + deserves a MONTESSORI WORLD
    The leading Montessori in the town since 1985
    Company Overview
    MONTESSORI WORLD is a member of World Group of Educational Institutes- a leading group of Educational Institutes established by renowned educationists in 1985. Since its inception Montessori World has been playing its leading role in promotion of Montessori Education in its purest form in different parts of the city. Now Montessori World is considered as an icon of Monteesori Education where complete personality of the children is groomed and child is developed as responsible citizen to meet his/her obligations towards society and country.
    "Education means individuals passing from one stage of independence to a higher by means of their own activity, through their own effort of will which constitutes the inner evolutions of individuals" - DR. MARIA MONTESSORI DR. MARIA MONTESSORI (1869 - 1950) has been one of the greatest educators and creative geniuses that the world has known or is likely to know for a long time. Her revolutionary philosophy of education aids the development of CHILD along natural laws of physical and mental growth, thus allowing the child to develop with freedom in a specially and scientifically prepared ENVIRONMENT. To apply Montessori methods on children aged 2¬Ω years to 6 years , Pakistan Montessori Association ( a member of The Association Montessori International, Amsterdam, Holland) provides rigorous one year training and awards diploma to successful DIRECTRESSES. Thus a real Montessori house is incomplete without Child, Environment & Directress. Montessori World established on 1st January 1985, is the largest Montessori in the town which provides an ideal Environment for children to explore and exploit their mental and physical abilities under the guidance of Montessori trained Directresses. In our Montessori centers, the knowledge is spread in each nook and corner and children are provided an opportunity to extract maximum knowledge from their surroundings.
    General Information
    MONTESSORI WORLD is the leading Montessori in the town since 1985. Airconditioned and carpeted classes, Purely Montessori Environment equipped with Montessori materials, Internationally qualified Directresses all thes are olden stories for us. Now our credentials are over 6000 graduates of Montessori World who are either serving at coveted positions or studying in reputable Professional Colleges. Montessori World, commonly rememberred as "Charming World of Children" carves the complete personality of the child and lays down a strong foundation to meet the challenges of 21st Century. Our students always stand out in academic and professional fields.
    Founding Date
    6000 plus Montessori Graduates serving at important positions or studying in reputable professional institutes.
    Youth with strong foundation

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