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  • West Karachi Regional Office
    Location: Karachi
    West Karachi Regional Office
    FEES 3000 to 5000


    (Our Purpose) The purpose of Native School System is to create and disseminate indigenous and internationally accepted knowledge in the field of education. The institute has been established with the mission to provide our generation a solid base, in the best educational environment and recreational facilities according to the demand of present time. We make studies interesting for children by indulging them in vigorous practical work and group studies and activities to enhance their intellect. Here you will find an excellent blend of tradition and modernity, but at the same time we cherish our Islamic and cultural values and we devote our students to follow the Islamic way of life. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the nation so that our country shall one day stand in the proud echelons of the most advanced nations. We’re committed to our great leader Quaid Azam’s saying: “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education and training for the arduous task living ahead of them. Standard Curriculum NSS takes pride in its institutional climate and academic culture providing affectionate & complementary social environment to its students. Learning tasks are based around developing academic skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing, speaking and Critical thinking, strong observation, sense of responsibility, problem solving skills. As we follow a standardized curriculum in our all branches, so the institute builds skill proficiency & communicative competence in the following areas: Reading Spelling improvement Handwriting Grammar Creative Writing Spoken & Listening Skills Special Subjects Nazra of Quran Pak with translation Art & Crafts Physical Education Evaluation and Student Reports Assessments: A range of continuous assessment methods will be used to enable students to demonstrate competency. Students will be assessed by behavior, attendance, involvement in class work and homework and academic performance at specified standards, under prescribed conditions. Students are given reports at the end of each school assessment. The report is an attempt to individualize the reporting, so that it reflects the child’s progress in relation to his/her individual ability and also position in class. The test of each subject comprises of 40% subjective and 60% objective type questions.

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      Aisha Bawany
      Beacon Askari Secondary
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