Saint Mary Cambridge School System

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Saint Mary Cambridge School System

  • North Karachi
  • North Karachi - Sector 11-B
  • B-243 Sector 11-B North Karachi
    Location: Karachi
    FEES 3000 to 15000


    "THE HOUSE OF FUTURE'S DOCTOR,ENGINEER,BUSINESS EXECUTIVE" Online Education Mission Saint Mary Cambridge school systems offers a learning environment that embodies the best of today and yesterday. A dynamic curriculum coupled with a focus on traditional values ensures students achieve success in both school and life.Saint Mary Cambridge school systems began as a school for all children of all backgrounds. Today, we are still an inclusive community, welcoming students of every race, religious tradition and economic background.Saint Mary Cambridge school systems affirms the inherent dignity and value of each individual Description MISSION PRESPECTIVE Unfortunately Pakistan is still a UDC or LDC.One of the remedy is a large number of Doctors, Engineers and Business-Executives to turn employee-besed-economy into business and industrial economy, that is the undisputed key of advancement in the modern era in viewpoint of our expertise. MISSION ORIENTATION To play vital role to enhance GDP or Pakistan through shaping children and setting their conceptual, intellectual and intentional orientations to transform them into future's Doctors, Engineers and Business-Executives for the pursuit of business and industrial economy of Pakistan. MISSION STATEMENT TO SHAPE YOUR CHILD TO TRANSFORM INTO FUTURE'S DOCTOR, ENGINEER AND BUSINESS EXECUTIVE.

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