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  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar
  • Gulistan-e-Jauhar - Block 01
  • Street 5 . KDA Scheme 1 gulistan e jauhar
    Location: Karachi
    021) 34540675
    FEES 3000 to 15000


    Labour, Knowledge, Integrity.
    " Towards a better self, towards a better world." It has been our endeavor to help and prepare children to face Life in all its various facets and to groom them for an all round development of character. We, the staff of Springfield School, are committed to providing a safe, positive, and productive learning environment for each student. We believe that we need to work together in a supportive way that nurtures and recognizes the unique intellectual, social, physical and creative potential of every student and at the same time provides adequate scope for creativity and the pursuit of excellence. This will lead to success now and in the future. At Springfield, each student demonstrates a high level of respect for himself and for others as he takes personal responsibility for his behaviour while preparing to learn to make a contribution to the world. Our students have critical thinking skills that will serve them in the future. It is the vision of Springfield School that our students are provided the opportunity to achieve excellent standards upon their graduation. Springfield is devoted to supporting student achievement through an appropriate environment in which all students can learn the attributes of good citizenship. We have a common work ethics and expectations for correct and respectful behaviour. Springfield parents work with staff members on our respect and responsibility Team to further the work of our character education program. The number one goal at Springfield is student development in the proper way! We use classroom information along with standardized tests to determine our goals for improved instruction. Staff participates in analyzing test scores in order to obtain important information about our students' progress. Together, we hope to achieve success.
    Labour, Knowledge, Integrity Try as we may, we just cannot think of a better motto. Truly heaven sent. A motto that says it all. A hard core recipe for success. Labour: Quaid-e-Azam’s words “Work, work and more work,” provide inspiration for us to follow in his footsteps. Knowledge: In today’s world, knowledge and progress are synonyms. Only knowledge can guide and lead us onwards. Integrity: Without Integrity both labour and knowledge are blind and stumble along meaninglessly. Integrity alone makes life worthwhile and is its own reward, notwithstanding the fact that it elicits substantial material rewards as well. Our motto provides the pillars on which the school and the character of our students is founded.

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