THE EDUCATORS Clifton Campus II-Karachi (Pre-Primary School)

THE EDUCATORS Clifton Campus II-Karachi (Pre-Primary School) School In Karachi - Taleemi Hub

THE EDUCATORS Clifton Campus II-Karachi (Pre-Primary School)

  • Clifton
  • Clifton Block 2
  • D-109/1,Block 2,Clifton,Karachi
    Location: Karachi
    021-35872761, 021-35872762
    FEES 5000 to 9000


    Our Vision
    "THE EDUCATORS" envisions quality education as the key resource for national development, delivered to a cross section of our society through sustainable projects.
    Mission Statement
    "THE EDUCATORS" aims for a quality learning experience for the students and quality training for the faculty by providing excellence in education within our socio-cultural framework, bringing forth benefit to students, community and the country.
    Quality Policy
    To Serve our clients and maintain our position as a leader in school education We intend to achieve this goal by:
    • Understanding that quality means complete conformance to agreed customer and user expectations, requirements & satisfaction standards.
    • Understanding that quality is everybody‚Äôs direct responsibility and they should continually endeavor to improve processes to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Putting our best effort every time for timely achievement of organisation and departmental targets, not compromising on quality, legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Ensuring control of operational variations, through continuous training of personnel for improving service skills and know-how.
    • Operating all our work places in a safe and healthy environment and improve employee satisfaction.
    • Ensuring our quality of services by improving quality bonds with our suppliers and vendors.
    • We must all be dedicated to this mission. Our reputation depends on all of us working as a team to satisfy and retain the single most important person in our business, "the student".

    Admission Enquiry


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