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  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal - Block 7
  • E-115 Block 7 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
    Location: Karachi
    FEES 3000 to 10000


    Our Core Values


    Our Mission

    In 1998 – 1999 academic year started w.e.f August 7th, 1998 with a kindergarten, primary and lower secondary English medium school which by the grace of Allah has been gradually upgraded to a full fledged G.C.E Cambridge O’ Level /Matric School. The kindergarten system is based on Froebel’s philosophy of “Activity based learning” and consists of Level-I, Level- II and Level-III. Children are admitted from the age of two and a half years onwards. The Primary School has classes I to IV, whereas the Lower Secondary has class V to VIII and the age limit required for these classes is 6 years to 12 years. The Secondary School has gradually been upgraded to O’ AND A’ Levels and Intermediate programme (AKU-EB) & (BIEK). The complete setup has been designed to support the colorful educational environment, which facilitates learning in a friendly and caring atmosphere.


    Our Vision

    The Froebel’s School, since its inception is NOT only an institute of spreading academics among student rather, it has been an effective promoter of cultural, social, ethical and above all , religious values among its students. We do believe that school should not only focus upon the academic studies of the students but, ought to work on the overall personality development of a child so as to equip them with all attributes to face the challenges and demands of the modern world. We therefore, follow a unique blend of modern education integrated with Compulsory Quranic Education at all stages of studies wherein regular teaching periods are included in the weekly class time tables. These Quranic classes help students understand the purpose of their creation and enlighten the traits of a responsible, sensible, flexible and a cohesive personality in their professional life ahead. In the light of above premise, we do believe that all members of staff should contribute through .
    • Open, positive, supportive relationships where children and young people will feel that they are listened to.
    • Promoting a climate in which children and young people feel safe and secure.
    • Modeling behavior with Islamic ideal model, which promotes effective learning and wellbeing within and outside the school community.
    • Being sensitive and responsive to each child or young person’s wellbeing so that we may together work on.


    Our Approach

    We have a firm conviction to establish a standardized and sound system of education which can produce leaders and humanitarians who are beneficial to people in all walks of life leading to the detailed framework and laying of such an ideal educational system which can cater to the need of modern worldly education in a strict liaison with the essential teaching of our religion, Islam. Our educational ethos are therefore, based on a unique learning model wherein our focus is not only on achieving academic excellence, rather our curriculum is carefully designed to focus on the overall personality development and the character building of the children with a view of producing better citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Thus, the school offers exceptional learning opportunities beyond the scope of class room teaching as well such as regular counselling sessions, workshops and personality development programs are organised by the school time to time wherein the relevant professional experts and the religious scholars are invited to enlighten our youth with the vision of this world and the world hereafter. In addition to the normal academic structure, the school has number of after-school club activities which are held regularly throughout the week (Mon-Fri) . The students have the choice to opt from “Art/Calligraphy & Design”, *Design & Technology”, “Taekwondo & Gymnastic, “Archery” and “Roller Skatting” clubs. These after-school club activities are carefully meditated and design to establish a perfect balance between the mental and physical life of our young learners.

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