Neelma Kanwal

Cambridge O Level Islamiyat – Lecturer in Govt. College.

Neelma Kanwal, is renowned in the field of course books. She has done masters in Islamic studies and Islamic History. She began her career by teaching Islamiyat at the secondary level with the passage of time; she taught the students of higher secondary level. With her expertise in the field of teaching, she took a major step and proved her acumen in writing Islamic Studies textbooks and was lauded for her efforts. She is a trend setter for the writing style of children's textbooks. Now her books have become a benchmark and are being taught in so many notable schools of not only in Karachi but all over the country. She was also affiliated with Bookmark Publishing as an editor for six years. On the basis of her vast teaching experience, her advice has been sought for a number of textbooks, specially the Cambridge O Level Islamiyat Textbooks for Paper1 & Paper2. She is considered the best teachers in Pakistan. She taught at the Government Girls College, Karachi. Currently she is working on another project of writing Islamiyat Course books and conducts workshops related to Islamiyat

Courses & Training Workshops

  • Qualities of Good Teachers
  • Effective Teaching Methodologies
  • Effective communication skills
  • How to Improve Students Behavior

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