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Taleemi-Hub, established in 2019, a family-owned small enterprise, started its journey in the Education Sector of Pakistan. Online Schools’ Searching portal, was the first ever service introduced to the parents, who intend to search the dream school for their children according to the schooling system, area / locality and fee structure. Taleemi-Hub is a partnership firm having a registered office, located in North Nazimabad, Karachi – Pakistan. A highly dedicated, committed and professional team is engaged in Website Development & Upgradation process, Data Gathering and Information Management, Marketing and Operations Management as well.


This is an era of information and socialization. The world is now becoming too dynamic. Old methodologies and tools have become obsolete. New inventions and technologies are filling spaces. Taleemi-Hub, connecting all stakeholders, parents, education staff – teachers and management, and students in one platform. Parents wish to build their child’s career with positive character, students need to nurture their natural talent and on the other hand, educational institutes need to provide the best quality education and training to the students. Very simply, all the stakeholders are striving to achieve the same goal, building prosperous society and the nation as well.


Development of an educated and well-trained society, by sharing expertise and experiences.


To connect all educational stakeholders, parents, students and educational institutes, for successful accomplishment of their professional and personal goals.


To be a single educational platform, that provides solutions for all educational – academic and training needs.


Over a period of 4 years, Taleemi-Hub introduced, School Searching Portal, Teachers, Parent and Children Training, Career Assessment Center, Health Management Platform, Educational Job Portal (jobs.taleemihub.com) and Qari Online Services, The journey of more value-added services is ongoing. Taleemi-Hub, established an Educational Research Center that aims to identify the improvement areas in the current educational system and recommendations on the basis of research findings. Study Packs (studypack.taleemihub.com) online delivery services, is one of the remarkable value additions in Taleemi-Hub portfolio.
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