Career Counseling & Assessment Center


Allah SWT has created the universe in the most unique and colorful manner; no two things are alike. This diversity and distinction bring the necessary beauty in life; while it gives us an opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness, it also mesmerizes us to explore the universe more than ever. Similarly, Allah SWT created us human beings with unique abilities and has gifted each one of us with a special skill that each one of us can excel in and create wonders. At the same time Allah SWT has kept us limited in certain abilities; this is for two apparent reasons; first to excite us to explore more about ourselves and appreciate the gifts that Allah SWT has given to other fellow human being and second to understand that the concept of interdependence and working together with others.
The problem as a nation we are facing today is, our ability to create opportunities for ourselves and our generations to be able to explore themselves; to be able to appreciate the Unique Gift of Talent Allah SWT has given to each of us; to be able to Appreciate the power of Team Work and to be able to learn from each other. The ability to share our experience and insights without overriding our opinions to our generation is another gap. It may create negatively influenced on younger generation during the process of career selection. The older generation tends to overlook the fact that everyone is a unique and it is not necessary that if a father has excelled in a certain profession automatically applies the same to his children.
Keeping in view the overall idea with respect to solution, Taleemi -Hub, is now introducing Career Counselling & Assessment Services Center in collaboration with well renowned and highly technical professional expert firms of Pakistan. The core purpose of this facility is to build career according to the mindset and natural talent. Parents, Teachers and specially Students, can get benefit out of it and grow like anything. The Services include: Online / Onsite – in Person counselling / Therapy, Psychometric Assessment, Wellness and HR training interventions and Self-Help Journals so on.

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