Hamdard Public School Lahore

Hamdard Public School Lahore school in lahore

Hamdard Public School Lahore

  • Gulberg 3
  • Model Town
  • 4-J Model Town Lahore Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-
    Location: Lahore
    , (042)-35852244, 0308 4002244
    FEES PKR. 3000 to 15000


    Established in 1999

    Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

    We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.


    Hamdard Public School Lahore was established in 1999 inspired by the educational philosophy, vision and progressive ideas of Shaheed-e-Pakistan, Hakim Mohammad Said whose very name brings to mind the philanthropic tradition in establishing a series of institutions, like Hamdard Foundation, Madinat-ul-Hikma and Hamdard University. The educational as well as social services they render are unprecedented and rightly ensure an enlightend future of Pakistan. We, HPS feel proud to be one of them. Hakim Sahib’s vision is not only a strategic plan for us that functions like a road map but it is more thn that. It is compass that points us the direction to be taken, that inspires enthusiasm and allows us to take part in shaping the way to social service.

    Mission Statement

    We have a Moral purpose to provide excellence and opportunity for all, to enable lives to be transformed” Our mission is to nourish and guide this natural exuberance, energy, and delight in the search for meaning, so that each student embraces lifelong learning and develops into an informed, thoughtful, and constructive member of society.


    • We believe all choices and decisions should be child centered. Pupil’s academic, emotional and social well- being is paramount to enable each child to aspire and be inspired with the opportunities within HPS.
    • We believe that enhancing pupil progress and achievement is best realized through challenge, collaboration and partnership, based on strong accountability between all campuses of HPS.
    • Cooperation and interaction with stakeholders will create pride in HPS and a desire to be involved in its work. In addition, key partnerships with other organizations offer further opportunities to enhance learning and teaching across HPS.

    Principles and Values

    Our values are our set of guiding principles which taken together, define what we do and how we do it. They allow us to make the decisions and take action which drive us towards our vision and keep to our core mission. Our values are based on the cooperate values of our all campuses at HPS. The words may be different but the moral purpose remains the same. Our HPS Core Values are supported through our principle of achievement inspired through the HPS ‘CHOICE’ circle. HPS Trust believes that all decisions and choices should be child centered. We aim to nurture every individual, provide excellent education outcomes enabling our pupils to succeed and ultimately transform the life opportunities and aspirations of our pupils, allowing them to be fulfilled individuals within an ever changing world. As an organization we recognize that each campus communities are different. We value every  campus uniqueness and its contribution; in ensuring pupils have the best education and experiences. Each campus is distinct to the success of the organization. We believe passionately that together we can make a greater difference; providing higher education outcomes and wider opportunities for our pupils and greater prospects for our staff and communities. Each campus commits to our CHOICE values. It is a reminder that we have made a choice to be a part of HPS and that we are all obligated to the community as a whole.




      • Online Computer Education Sports Facilities Well Equipped Computer & Practical Lab / Liberary



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