The Lahore lycem School

The Lahore lycem School school in lahore

The Lahore lycem School

  • Allama Iqbal Town
  • Cantt
  • Data Gunj Buksh Town
  • Garhi Shahu
  • Gulberg Town
  • Harbanspura
  • Multan Road
  • Shalamar Town
  • Thokar Nayaz Baig
  • Canal Bank Road
  • Garhi Shahu Road
  • Johar Town
  • Main Boulevard¬†
  • Rachna Block
  • Sadar
  • Sanda
  • 35-B, Aziz Avenue Central bank
    Location: Lahore,
    042-35717915, +042-37425880-1
    FEES PKR. 3000 to 15000


    The word lyceum is taken from the Greek word “Lukeion”.

    In ancient Athens stands a temple dedicated to Apollo Lukeions (An epithet of unknown origin).

    It was in the grounds surrounding this temple, that Aristotle used to sit and ponder, and held discussions with his pupils, gradually formal discussions were held and it came to be known as the school of Aristotelian philosophy.

    So lyceum was the name given to the first formal school and sports ground of ancient Athens.

    Coming to “ The Lyceum ” we can say with confidence that it is a deep rooted school and a lot different from other schools of its time.

    It not only imparts sound education but a sound thinking to its students/pupils. Students will not only prove to be good citizens but also good rulers of their country. They will Inshallah lead it on the road of progress and prosperity and serve it with dedication and devotion unparallel in history.




      • Online Computer Education Sports Facilities Well Equipped Computer & Practical Lab / Liberary



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      The Lahore Lyceum - Gulberg Campus
      Allied School
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