Zicas School System

Zicas School System school in lahore

Zicas School System

  • Mustafa Town
  • Main Bulevard
  • 5-6 Civic Center A.I.T
    Location: Lahore
    FEES PKR. 3000 to 15000


    Our aim is to make high quality education accessible and affordable for students in our country Pakistan. ZiCAS School System is striving to contribute to the development of our nation. We believe that every child is capable of reaching great academic heights and positions if teachers and parents provide him/her with the opportunity, confidence and right guidance. We undertake every possible effort to bring about improvement in not only the performance of our students but also our teachers by arranging various workshops and training programs for them. Therefore, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities that help to groom our young individuals and make them emerge with well rounded personalities. Established in 2006, the ZiCAS school system offers one of the most diverse and well structured study programs in lahore. We strive to create a competitive environment where students are encouraged to excel in all areas of education (academics, sports and extracurricular). The educational system at ZiCAS School System stimulates intellectual curiosity and exploration spirit. The school ethos encourages open mindedness and the release of intellectual potential. Students are encouraged to be self-reliant critical thinkers, who realize that learning is a lifelong process. Nothing compares to visiting us for yourself. We recommend that you should visit ZiCAS School System and find out more about the programs that interest you. ZiCAS SCHOOL SYSTEM aims to build the foundation of strong and learned Muslim leaders, scholar, scientists and professionals who will positively contribute to our society under the banner of islam. The curriculum is broad and balanced with a strong creative and technological focus. It is designed to provide a solid foundation for the decisive early years of a child‚Äôs life as he/she prepares for school. Our curriculum is based on active forms of learning stimulating the inquisitive minds to discover a new world. We believe in learning that is pragmatic rather than learning that is based exclusively on books.  




      • Online Computer Education Sports Facilities Well Equipped Computer & Practical Lab / Liberary


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